PTI shows Form 45 to international media, decries election 2024 rigging

election 2024 rigging

PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan Friday claimed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) won 177 National Assembly seats. He said in a presser where PTI presented Form 45 before the international media to show alleged rigging in the election 2024.

While talking to the international media in Islamabad, a PTI senior leader added that the election 2024 was the biggest electoral fraud in Pakistan’s history against the party PTI and its candidates.

According to our estimates, out of 177 [National Assembly] seats which were supposed to be ours, only 92 have been given to us. And 85 seats have been taken away from us fraudulently, he said.

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Salman Akram Raja on Friday said that the “rigging” happened during the Feb 8 polls at the office of the returning officer (RO). PTI leader from Rawalpindi, Seemabia Tahir then took the stage and played a video of alleged rigging in the Feb 8 polls.

Salman Akram claimed that “false Forms 47 were created which had nothing to do with the underlying vote that had been cast on February 8,” quoting the election results as an attack on Pakistan’s democracy.

Raja said that the Froms 47 that were brought to the RO offices had been altered and then thrown away. “Fale Results were made in at least 90 National Assembly constituencies.”

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General Elections 2024: What are Form 45, Form 46, Form 47, Form 48 and Form 49?

ISLAMABAD: Two days remaining until Pakistan’s general elections on February 8, it’s crucial to understand the significance of several forms that play a vital role in the election process.

Form 45: Result of the Count Form 45, commonly referred to as the “Result of the Count,” contains essential information about the polling station, including the polling station number, constituency name, total registered voters, total votes cast, and detailed breakdown of votes received by each candidate. Candidates can independently verify their received votes through Form 45.

Form 46: Ballot Papers Account Form 46 provides details about the number of ballot papers received at the polling station, the number of ballot papers issued from the ballot boxes, and the number of challenged, incorrect, and canceled ballot papers. Additionally, Form 46 includes information about any irregularities in the voting process.

Form 47: Rejected Votes Form 47 contains information about the unofficial results of the electoral constituency, including the number of rejected votes and the breakdown of votes for each candidate.

Form 48: Consolidation of Results Form 48 is crucial in the preparation of election results as it includes the total number of votes cast for each candidate in a constituency.

Form 49: Final and Official Results Form 49, also known as the Gazetted Form, comprises the final and official results of the election. It includes the names of candidates, their affiliated political parties, and the total votes received in the electoral constituency.

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These forms are integral components of the electoral process in Pakistan, providing transparency and accountability in the tabulation and announcement of election results. As the country prepares for the upcoming general elections, understanding the significance of these forms is essential for ensuring a fair and democratic electoral process.

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