All social media platforms should be banned, resolution submitted in Senate

Islamabad: Senator Behramand Tangi of the Pakistan People’s Party has proposed a resolution in the Senate to impose a ban on all social media platforms. According to reports, the resolution was submitted in the Senate by Senator Tangi, urging for restrictions on platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, in order to safeguard the younger generation.

It’s worth noting that Pakistan has already imposed an unofficial ban on the social media platform “X” for the past 18 days.

The resolution submitted by Senator Tangi highlights concerns that social media platforms are adversely affecting the youth in the country. The text of the resolution states that these platforms are being used to promote principles against religion and culture, leading to the spread of hatred based on language and religion among people.

Furthermore, the resolution expresses apprehensions about the use of such platforms to spread negative and malicious propaganda against the interests of the country, particularly aimed at the armed forces of Pakistan.

The document also observes that these platforms are being used by vested interests to disseminate fake news on various issues and deceive the younger generation by creating fake leadership and promoting it.

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Senator Tangi emphasized in the resolution that “the Senate of Pakistan urges the government to impose restrictions on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter (X), and YouTube to protect the younger generation from their negative and destructive effects.”

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