Arshad Chaiwala Shares Motive Behind International Expansion

Islamabad: Arshad Chaiwala, the internet sensation who rose to fame in 2016 after a photo of him went viral, has shared his reason for expanding his local cafe into an international brand.

Arshad Chaiwala gained widespread attention and a massive fan following due to his good looks and blue eyes captured in a photo taken by local photographer Javeria Ali. His popularity skyrocketed on social media, turning him into a global phenomenon.

Recently, Arshad Chaiwala appeared in a short chit chat session hosted by Digital Pakistan, where he discussed his decision to take his cafe to an international level.

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Expressing his aspirations, he stated, “I always wanted to launch my own brand. Although I was content with my small cafe in Islamabad, I decided to expand internationally to put Pakistan on the global map. I noticed a lack of Pakistani brands going international, so I took the initiative to launch and expand my brand within six months. Additionally, creating job opportunities for people was also one of my motivations. I currently have multiple franchises and plan to open more in the future.”

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